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Onshore Model

We deliver Automation, Engineering & IT solutions to our clients around the world following the successful offshore model.


Advantages of partnering with Trans Tech:


  • We are aware of the western business culture. Most of the staff is educated in English medium & has excellent written as well as spoken English skills. We have devised a specific way to manage the project in a day-to-day interaction using email / FTP.

Industry Domains

  • The management & staff has expertise in necessary domain & committed for quality & delivery to meet project deadlines. For US based clients, we use the time difference advantage as we are ahead of them by about 11 hours. So we work while they sleep. Client can offload the work before leaving for the day & get the ready job on next day morning!


  • The staff is always trained to keep updated about the latest changes in various domains.


  • We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement & assure complete confidentiality with respect to all transactions.


  • During peak load & non availability of the expertise in various domains, outsourcing is the best option.

Focus on Core Areas

  • The client can focus on core competencies while outsourcing the non-core activities like drafting, documentation.

Cost Benefits

  • Last but not the least, we offer these services at the most competitive rates, as compared to prevailing rates in North America & Europe. We charge based on man-hour or lumpsum based on mutual agreement. Payment can be done monthly or based on milestones by wire transfer or check.

Long Term Relationship

  • As we go along with the project, both organizations get familiar with each other's style from all aspects. As we develop the relationship, this helps in reducing implementation time & hence the costs.

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